• Site Work

    We are typically the first contractor on the job. With that said, sometimes we remain until the last sidewalk is poured. We are your source for dirt work of all kinds. We have completed several housing developments and large commercial parks (too many to count at this point). 

  • Mass Excavation

    Need to get rid of dirt? Need to add dirt? We are the first contractors on site to begin the transformation that you desire.  

  • Grading

    We prep the land to suitably fit your needs. 

    • Roadway Preparation
    • Building pads
    • Parking lots
  • Utility Installation & Repair

    Licensed and experienced! 

    • Waterline
    • Sewer line
    • Storm and drainage
    • Electrical conduit
  • Seed & straw

    The focus here is erosion control, and by seeding and strawing, this helps contain what we have worked hard to build. We also install silt fences and sediment control structures as necessary.

  • Concrete installation

    From sidewalks to driveways to parking lots, we can lay just about any concrete desired. We specialize in flat work but don’t underestimate our concrete crew by any means! 

  • Underground Fuel Tank

    Removal, Install, Service, Annual Testing - we are certified to work on underground storage tanks. We specialize in building fuel stations. 

  • Complete Fuel System

    Service fuel pumps and everything associated with the mechanics & electronics of such. 

  • Demolition

    Have building/barn/structure that needs to be removed for any reason? We will take it down and haul it away, helping transform your space into its next purpose.

Drug Free Workplace

We are a drug free workplace, enforced through active drug screening. 


We take safety very seriously! It is a focus to make sure that all our equipment is in a good and safely operatable condition.

We have on-staff mechanics that have dedicated their time and efforts day in and out to make sure that we are operating within safety guidelines. In addition to our mechanics overlooking our equipment, we have put ample effort into making sure that PPE is readily available for all employees for each task.

We have regular companywide safety meetings with the Bureau of Workers Compensation along with making safety the opening topic of each meeting. 

Safety at Layton Inc.
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